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Registration Information for drive-rite School

Pre-Registration is recommended.

Make the right choice when selecting an adult and/or teen driving school by turning to drive-rite school. We are a full line driving school, and offer competitive fees for your classes, as well as a convenient calendar that meets your scheduling needs for behind-the-wheel training. Contact our driving school today for full registration information.

What You Need to Know

  • Classroom Registration: View our calendar for class dates and times, then click on the “schedule NOW” button to register for the session of your choice.
  • Driver Improvement Programs: This class is for adults or teens who need to take remedial or training courses. Please take a look at our calendar or give us a call for the next class date and time. We would be happy to take your registration over the phone.
  • Mature Driver Behind the Wheel: The cost for this session is $60.00, payable in advance.

Fee Structure

Fully Digitized and Online scheduling for parent/student ease and convenience.

PLEASE CALL drive-rite FOR OUR CURRENT MONEY-SAVING COST STRATEGIES at (513) 939-1222 Farifield or (513) 975-0366 Kenwood. SINCE WE WANT STUDENTS TO BE “BEST EDUCATED”, Bring a Local Competitive Flyer and WE’LL MEET THAT PRICE!!!

  • All Locations $415: Includes pickup and drop off for the behind the wheel lessons.
  • Adult Driver Improvement Program $80:
  • Juvenile Driver Improvement Program $70:
  • Abbreviated Adult Driver Education Classroom only $59:
  • Abbreviated Adult Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel only $160:
  • Abbreviated Adult Driver Education Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel $219:
  • Mature Driver Education $60: requires 5 participants minimum.
Additional Charges/Credits for EXTRA Services:

Credit Card Payment (Each Presentation): 3%

Additional 60 Minutes Behind-the-Wheel: $60.00
Broken Appointment (Without NOTICE): $40.00

Juvenile Testing Upgrade – With 90 Minute Refresher: $85.00

  • Includes traffic, transportation and practice time permitting
Special Discounts:

Bring a Friend or Sibling: We know that young adults like to attend driving school with a friend or sibling. When this happens, we will extend to you a $10.00 discount off the Gold package price. Both students must register and attend class at the same time. Only ONE discount per registration.

Good Grade Discount: We know that you work hard at high school keeping your grades up. Bring in your report card or a printout from parent portal showing a grade point average of 3.5 or above and we will extend a $5.00 discount off of our Gold or Premier Package price.

(Only one discount can be chosen per student)

Registration Forms

You may either bring these forms with you on your first day of class, or, for faster processing, email the completed forms back to our driving school as an attachment.

Here is the 50 hour form that you need in order to take your state test. Remember that it does need to be notarized.

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